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4CheapHosting.net - Shared Web Hosting Details

50 / 100 Mbytes Host Disk space to host your site which is more than enough for more than 94% of our customers. Additional space can be acquired for a custom operation but there is no need for this for a small or medium site

Pay only for the bandwidth you use and not for wasted GBytes that you don't use. The default is
500 / 1000 MBytes. Read all the features for details.

Total control of your site any time of day or night with an advanced control panel and up to date information panel of your account, bandwidth, disk space, platforms, server info, services and modules you will find valuable

Mail Manager
Webmail : Two different webmails programs to choose (neomail, horde) to read your email online without any program, just your browser from any place of the globe.

Add/Remove accounts : (1000) Create email accounts. Autoconfig for Outlook Express, Show disk space usage
Catch all email account : (1) Account for all unrouted email communication. You can set this account and receive email in any combination like whatever@yourdomain.com. This is useful if you want to show many emails but don’t want to create a separate account for each email. Useful also for companies with many employees. They set one email and a server within the company lan distributes the emails to each recipient.
Autoresponders : (unlimited) Create autoresponder account to respond automatically to your incoming emails. Add professionalism to your site
Email Filters : (unlimited) Extremely powerful spam and filter area. You can define filter for all the email areas (From, To, Subject, Body, Any Header) with powerful conditions (equals, matches regex, contains, begins with). Local Test of the filters you make to be sure about the results.
Forwarders : (unlimited) Forwarding accounts creation. Your incoming email can be forwarded to other email account within your domain or any other outside your domain. You can have a backup of your email to another account or notify someone to take action
Mailing Lists : (1000) Create Mailing List and communication with your surfers/customers easily and fast
Spam Assassin : (on/off) Spam Assassin  is a mail filter installed on a mail server used to identify spam. It checks for spam using a large number of pre-set rules that check the header, body, and sender of all email messages sent to your domain mailbox
Altering the MX settings of email server : CPanel manages your email through its own mail server. However, by altering your MX (Mail Exchange Record) Entry you can point your email to another mail server, if this is required

Domain pointers (1000) allow you to "point" or "park" additional domain names to your existing hosting account. This will allow users to also reach your website when entering the "parked" or "pointed" domain into their browsers. This is common for companies that have more than one domain for their products which they all point to the main domain name of their company

Addon Domains (1000) give you the opportunity to host 1000 additional domains using the resources of your main domain account. In total with your master domain the account plan you take from 4CheapHosting.net can host 1000 domain accounts. If you divide it with the hosting price and with all the rest of the features you can read here you will see this is the cheapest web hosting service available for your site(s)

FTP Manager
FTP accounts : (1000)
With the FTP account utility you can control FTP accounts for your users or if your account has sub domain support you can add FTP accounts for your sub domain(s).
Anonymous FTP Controls : Here you can change how anonymous FTP users should be treated and change the anonymous upload policy as well.

Anonymous FTP Message : You can edit the anonymous FTP welcome message that users will see when they login to your FTP site.

FTP Session Control : FTP Session Control.This utility allows you to disconnect users or time out FTP sessions.

File Manager
A complete web based file manager for your web site’s files. Accessible from any place of the world without the need of an FTP client software

Backup / Restore
Backup and Restore your site’s / additional domains / aliases / sql databases / today’s home backup with just one click

Password Protection
You can protect directories within your site from browsers by using a password to protect them. This allows you to restrict material to only authorized users or store sensitive material online. This has the same appearance and effect as the password protection on your basic account entry

Custom Error Pages
Error pages are served to Internet users when any one of a variety of errors occur, such as when a user enters an incorrect URL or is not authorized to access a specific directory in your web site. Companies often customize error pages to brand them with a specific corporate image and a link to their home page

Sub-Domains (1000)
Subdomains are a way of creating separate accounts within your master account, which are accessed as separate URLs. For example, you could set up a "timber" subdomain on your master account "hardware.com", which would be accessed as "timber.hardware.com". A lot of larger businesses use subdomains to establish branding and focus on separate product lines, because a subdomain creates a separate URL and web presence

mySQL Database Creation / Maintenance (1000) SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is a international standard in querying and retrieving information from databases. mySQL is essentially an SQL server - it responds to requests for information that are written in SQL. You can communicate with mySQL using a wide variety of programming languages (PHP being one of the most common)

The Redirects area allows you to redirect Internet traffics from one web page to another. This is usually used when a web page has been moved to another location

Frontpage Support
Frontpage™ Extensions allow you to publish your web site using Microsoft Frontpage™

Hotlink Protection
Hotlinking is when another web site owner links directly to one or more of your images or multimedia files and includes it on their web page. Not only is this theft of your intellectual property, you are paying for the bandwidth used by that site

Raw Access Logs
You can download the raw access logs that contain all the recorded hit information that your site has received. These logs are really useful if you use an external reporting tool

Error Access Logs
Log with the last 300 error log message that they have been reported. Excellent debugging tool for scripts, dynamic content, normal operation and site maintenance

Index Manager
The Index Manager enables you to control how directories on your web site are displayed. If there is no index.html in a particular directory, the contents of the directory will be displayed to the browser. This is usually undesirable and can cause security issues. You can set four different options for any directory through the Index Manager

IP Deny Manager
This feature will allow you to block a range of IP addresses to prevent them from accessing your site

PGP Keys
OpenPGP is a tool for secure online communication. CPanel uses GnuPG for its public-key cryptography so that users may communicate securely. Each person gets a pair of keys, called the public key and the private key. Each person's public key is published while the private key is kept secret. Messages are encrypted using the intended recipient's public key and can only be decrypted using their private key

Apache Handlers
Apache is an open-source HTTP server, and is used to serve your site. Apache handlers tell the server how to deal with web files that need to be processed on the server. For example, Apache is set up to process files with .pl extensions using Perl. However, if for some reason you also wanted to process files with .script extension using Perl, then you would have to set up a custom Apache handler for your site.
People often get confused as to the difference between Mime types and Apache handlers. Basically, Mime types tell your browser how to handle files, while Apache handlers tell the server how to handle files

Mime Types
Mime types tell browsers how to handle specific extensions. Most Mime types are set globally on the server. For example, the text/html Mime type equates to htm, html, and shtml extensions on most servers, and this tells your browser to interpret all files with those extensions as HTML files. You can alter or add new Mime types specifically for your site (note that you can not alter the global Mime type values, only add to them). Mime types are often used to handle new technologies as they appear. When WAP technology first appeared no-one had these extensions set up on their server. With Mime types, however, you could have set it up yourself and begun serving WAP pages immediately

Network Tools
The Network Tools area has two available functions:
Domain Lookup - Allows you to look up information about a particular domain.
Trace Route - Allows you to trace the IP (Internet Protocol) route taken by your server to reach your current ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Cron Jobs
Cron jobs allow you to automate repetitive tasks on the server that hosts your web site. This is a powerful tool that allows you to take a hands-free approach to repetitive tasks. For example, you could add a cron job that automatically copies a mySQL database to a separate location on your site as a backup

Search Engines Submit
Allows you to submit your web site details to several search engines at once. The engines are : alltheweb, directhit, google, hotbot, lycos, mixcat

Shopping Carts
Fully-featured shopping carts that can be installed with the click of a button. See them live at the Interchange - Agora web sites

Scripts Library
InvisionBoard : InvisionBoard is a web bulletin board system.
PHP-Nuke : PHP-Nuke is an advanced content management system.
osCommerce : osCommerce is an easy to use and configure shopping cart system.
PostNuke : PostNuke is an advanced weblog/Content Management System (CMS).
Xoops : XOOPS is a dynamic OO (Object Oriented) based open source portal script written in PHP.
phpWebSite : phpWebSite provides a complete web site content management solution.
phpAuction : A PHP/MySQL-driven powerful and flexible web-based auction system that offers a powerful admin back-end section to configure and administrate the site.
livehelp : A live Help support chat system that allows the operators of the websites to monitor their visitors as they are browsing the site and proactively open a chat session with the visitor.
phpBook : phpBook is a PHP/MySQL guestbook program.
Classifieds : Higly customizable classified ad application that allows users to post advertisements to unlimited categories.
b2 : b2 is a set of scripts designed to ease the process of publishing news to your homepage, or weblog.
phpAdsNew : phpAdsNew is an open source ad server.
phpCollab : Manage web projects with team collaboration, users management, tasks and projects tracking, files approval tracking, project sites clients access, customer relationship management (Php / Mysql, PostgreSQL or Sql Server).
4Images : 4images is a powerful web-based image gallery management system.
pMachine : pMachine is publishing software which you can use to create everything from a simple weblog to a multi-layered interactive news site.
AdvancedPoll : Advanced Poll is a polling system with powerful administration tools.
OneOrZeroHelpDesk : The OneOrZero Helpdesk is an extremely powerful, yet lightweight, helpdesk package.
AardvarkTopsites : Aardvark Topsites PHP has all the features you will ever need
WebCalendar : WebCalendar is a PHP application used to maintain a calendar for one or more persons.
paFileDB : paFileDB lets you easily have a database of downloads on your website.
phpDig : PhpDig is a very small PHP search engine that uses a MySQL database on backend.
phpLinks : phpLinks is a free and Open Source PHP script that allows you to run a very powerful link farm or search engine simulation.
phpList : PHPlist is a web application that implements a personalised mailing list manager or customer relationship management (CRM) system.
phpMyFAQ : phpMyFAQ is a multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ-system.
phpSupportTickets : Manage customer queries with this one stop solution for online customer relations.

CGI Center
Simple CGI Wrapper : This is a CGI Wrapper that will allow you to run CGI Scripts with your User ID

Random HTML : This is a Random HTML generator. It picks a string of HTML code from a list and inserts it in an SSI (Server Side Includes) enabled web page

Simple GuestBook : This is a just a simple guestbook for your visitors to view and sign.

Advanced GuestBook :
This is a more advanced guestbook written in PHP and MySQL.

Counter :
You can create a counter to count and show how many visitors have been to your site

Clock : This utility will create a real time java clock for your site

Countdown : You can create a countdown box to countdown to a specified date

CGI EMail : CGI Email takes the input of an HTML form and converts it to an email format defined by the author of the form

FormMail Clone : FormMail-clone is a clone of Matt Wright's FormMail

Entropy Search : Setup Search Engine - Rebuild Search Index

Entropy Banner : This feature allows you to create rotating banner ads for your site

Forum / phpBB
You can install a pre-made forum called phpBB. This Forum is a PHP web-based bulletin board. Unlike an email list or newsgroup, phpBB creates a forum on your web site that allows users to post questions and receive replies, all from their web browser. Once a forum has been created you can modify it extensively

Chat Rooms
Chat rooms are scripts that allow any number of logged-in users to have a typed, real-time, on-line conversation. There are several pre-installed chat scripts available :
CGI Chat : This is a very simple CGI script written in Perl. It is very easy to install.

PhpMyChat Room : This is a very nice PHP script. You will need one available MySQL database to install it. It is very customizable!

Java Chat : If you would prefer a java chat, just place the link below in any of your pages: http://yourdomain.com/cgi-sys/mchat.cgi?channel=yourdomain.com

Statistics Server
The Web / FTP Statistics area presents you with a wide variety of information about your web site, from the latest visitors to a detailed monthly summary of hits, as well as providing an error log. Use the Statistics tools to keep track of what pages are being visited most often, and where they are being referred from
Awstats produces very pretty stats with extreme details
Click here for a
sample demo

Subdomain Stats
This will show statistics for the subdomains on your account.

Latest Visitors
This will show you the last 300 visitors who came to your site and some interesting information about them.

This will show how many bytes your account has transferred.

Error Log
This will show errors in your site, images not loading, missing files, etc. This is very useful for debugging CGI scripts.

We have disabled SSH/Telnet for the maximum security of our servers

High Speed servers in a secured Linux environment

Private CGI-Bin for your applications and scripts

Anonymous Name Servers so that you can resell even the web hosting accounts. Nobody will know that we host your site

24/7 Technical support

No Hidden Fees

REAL 360 days money back guarantee. You have nothing to loose. The money will be back to your account in 7 days (according to the maintenance of bank issued the credit card) from the day you request for refund. No long waiting, no out of reach people and no hurt feelings when you request a refund. It's part of our job and our job is too precious to spoil it. Our business model is clear and taking our word as a fact the one thing we are not so experienced is giving a refund !!
Our rate is less than 2% which means that our services are not something our users want to give back

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Click here for COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION of the control panel

Click here for SCREEN CAPTURE of the actual control panel you will get with you account (xskin)


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Additional Services :

Extra Traffic can be purchased any time
You can purchase additional bandwidth when you reach the limit or even before. If you take it before it will be used automatically and your site will have sufficient traffic power anytime. In any case you can contact the
sales dept. if you have questions about it.

Put the GBytes you want to add to your account
After the credit card processing you will be forwarded to our network page for further details on the account the extra traffic will be applied

Purchase x Additional 1GByte Traffic


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