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At the image map below you can click each section and see the next step you will get from your control panel you will handle for your website. There are easy customizations (like email creation , stats ...) and other much more advanced (mime types, apache handlers ...). The areas you see blur represent the spot where your domain name will appear. (The clickable areas open new images in new window). Note : The modules, kernel, language versions don't represent the actual version numbers. We update our server components regularly. This control panel sample isn't updated every time we update server components.
Be sure you will get the latest more secure and feature rich modules for your website

Recommended Webmaster Resources
Suggested from 4CheapHosting.net PROmotion Team
We used most of these sites resources and we can guarantee very good results
We rate each site according to the professionalism, resources value and performance it can bring. Excellent is 100%.
Last Resources Update :
Website Domain Names
1. PRO / BIZ domains (98%)
NEW Global Range Domain Names Registry
Exchange Traffic
1. Nomorehits (97%)
StartPage Exchange
2. Autohits (70%)
AutoSurf Exchange
Exchange Links
1. LinkPartners (90%)
The Easy Way to Find Link Swap Partners
2. GoTop Link Exchange (94%)
GoTop is a smart service that help webmasters find other webmasters to trade links with
Web Content
1. FreeSticky (85%)
Add free content to your site
Credit Card Merchant Processors
1. 2checkout (95%)
2CO is an authorized retailer of goods and services provided by 4CH
4CheapHosting.net use this service for all the orders
CGI/PHP Script Directories
1. Hotscripts (89%)
Huge database with all kind of free and paid scripts you can put to your site
2. CGI-Resources (70%)
A robust resources scripts for many years now

New Internet Domain Names Registry for Grand Rapids / Greece / Japan