Let's Start :

Read to WIN .. this offer is one of a kind

* One-man show is nice but hard to support it for a long time. If you're not successful, payments are pilled to the desk and you end with degradation or termination of your web hosting services. Equally a company has the same problems but expanded by 1000. It needs fast to cover the expenses and usually, the budget can't hold for many years so it ends the same but with a bigger crash. 4CheapHosting from late 1999 until today host and maintain more than XXXXXXX clients and multiple accounts. Before some years we stopped taking new orders because we wanted to be sure our current customer base is happy and extremely satisfied. Even the cost is/was/ will be the lowest possible, the quality of service is 5 stars with no compromise. We make money from our current customers and we don't mean the recurring fees of the year. We mean the referrals this customer base brings without any affiliate program or incentive. This thing alone honors us and make us try for even more.

* Due to popular demand and many denials of new orders we decided to do something we didn't try all these years. We decided to partner with a similar company with a different mindset but with excellent results.

The company is IM Creator Ltd. responsible for the popular service under http://www.imcreator.com

What makes this unique is the awesome page builder they have along with the web hosting in Amazon Web Services / Cloud for each of the sites.The storage (webpages) and bandwidth (visitor's traffic) is truly unlimited, we clarified it four times (no inodes, high load sites termination.... they other "unlimited" companies have)It looks like it's the ultimate package for anyone. Well, it's not the ultimate but yes it will cover the majority of old and new website owners, that's why we selected it.

The goods :

- It's fast, webpages render very well
- There are no bottlenecks like normally shared webhosting, websites don't kneel from high CPU loads
- The feel, usability, the overall sense is awesome. The webpage builder is extremely easy to use and one your learn the basics you can do wonders
- The primary provider that your site will be hosted in (Amazon WS subsidiary of Amazon Inc. aka http://www.amazon.com) powers heavy names on this planet. Check some of them :

Adobe, Airbnb, Alcatel-Lucent, AOL, Acquia, AdRoll, AEG, Alert Logic, Autodesk, Bitdefender, BMW, British Gas, Canon, Capital One, Channel 4, Chef, Citrix, Coinbase, Comcast, Coursera, Docker, Dow Jones, European Space Agency, Financial Times, FINRA, General Electric, GoSquared, Guardian News & Media, Harvard Medical School, Hearst Corporation, Hitachi, HTC, IMDb, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, International Civil Aviation Organization, ITV, iZettle, Johnson & Johnson, JustGiving, JWT, Kaplan, Kellogg’s, Lamborghini, Lonely Planet, Lyft, Made.com, McDonalds, NASA, NASDAQ OMX, National Rail Enquiries, National Trust, Netflix, News International, News UK, Nokia, Nordstrom, Novartis, Pfizer, Philips, Pinterest, Quantas, Sage, Samsung, SAP, Schneider Electric, Scribd, Securitas Direct, Siemens, Slack, Sony, SoundCloud, Spotify, Square Enix, Tata Motors, The Weather Company, Ticketmaster, Time Inc., Trainline, Ubisoft, UCAS, Unilever, US Department of State, USDA Food and Nutrition Service, UK Ministry of Justice, Vodafone Italy, WeTransfer, WIX, Xiaomi, Yelp, Zynga.

The bads :

- You can't upload/download your files to an FTP
- There are no dynamic calls or programming languages like PHP that the user can use
- The website should be built from scratch (4CheapHosting can help to that with the new web design service as an addon to the order, ask before you order for more) using the webpage builder
- The files or the pages you can create don't have any limit but you can do it only using the web builder. You can upload images also without any limitation. For other files like PDF or Videos, there is the option of automatic and raw code insertion which solves the problem

Maybe but now you imagine this is a review of IMCreator.

No it's not, there are lot of them here :

The reason we selected it is because it offers a good balance of easy building and reliable hosting on a platform provider that can't deny anyone it's one of the best.
​For one domain/site, they charge $8 per month, a total of $96 per year but this is not the price we offer here in 4CheapHosting

With $99 you can get the ability to host unlimited sites for one year
Did we mention that each site can have unlimited pages too ?

You may say "OK everything is fine", Amazon is great, IMcreator Web Builder is fine but now we know the "secret" I will go directly there and disregard your existence

Of course, you may do whatever you think it's better but hold for a moment and think :

1. We're far cheaper, even with the white label program we're still cheaper. Check the numbers !!
2. You add an extra layer of protection in terms of support, knowledge, opinion, financial. If anything happens either technical, web design or anything else we do have the knowledge to track it and express it in a way so that you will have easier and faster resolution of the problem

BUT as we said you're the first and only one that will decide the proper solution for yourself.

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